Pokedex in Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go was released in July 2016 by Niantic. The game is a location based and augmented reality game. Once you download Pokemon Go APK, you have to choose your avatar firstly. Your avatar appears on the map of your game. With the help of your camera you can see a wild Pokémon in real world. You have to catch various Pokémons and win various battles. There are gyms to challenge leaders. If you are face to face with a person who is also playing the game you can battle that person. There are pokestops meant for gamers. Usually these pokestops are popular places of that area. The pokestops have pokeballs, berries and also act as daycare centers for Pokémons. You have to catch all the Pokémons in order to succeed in the game.


Use of Pokedex

In the game Pokémon Go there are few features meant to help the gamers. One of them is Pokedex. Pokedex is like an entry register. It keeps record of every Pokémon a gamer catches or sees. Once a gamer has come across any Pokémon the pokedex will store the information. The Pokémons you have capture will be shown as complete while the ones you have seen but not captured will be shown as silhouettes. Pokémons that you have neither seen nor captured appear as numbers. You can also see the state the Pokémon is in once you have caught it. You can see whether it is healthy or not or if it is evolving? It also shows you what is the next level of the Pokémon and when will it evolve.

What does the game do?

The game promotes physical activity amongst all. When we play a game all we use is our hands and minds. But in this game the users have to move around and do physical work in order to get Pokémons. This promotes physical fitness amongst gamers. This is very much revolutionizing as now the kids are getting out of their beds and actually walking around. Now the gamers have to go to various locations according to their need like to a lake for water Pokémons or to a popular place that might be a gym or pokestops. Now no more just sitting in front of the gadgets and playing games while getting fat.

Although revolutionizing the game has attracted a lot of criticism. Gamers have faced some misfortune while playing this game. The gamers get so absorbed in the game that they tend to forget where they are. This leads to accidents in some cases.

The gamers get busy in playing the game that they do not see any vehicle approaching them or any other obstacle in their path and this in turn harms them. They can get hit by a vehicle or trip over something. This has led to many accidents and hence the game faces criticism for them. Despite that the game is still popular and in use. Download the game and be the leader you want to be.

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